BlackBerry Q10

The Android 4.3 runtime is now available as part of BlackBerry 10.3 SDK beta. The new runtime will offer compatibility existing Android applications, as well as bring new APIs which will open even more applications for use on BlackBerry.

Besides the update to support applications built against the Android 4.3 SDK, you'll get the following new features:

  • Accounts Support: Android applications that use authentication for user login can now be set up and managed from within the BlackBerry 10 accounts settings.
  • Bluetooth LE: Applications that use Bluetooth Low Energy from Android API level 18 are now supported.
  • NFC: Android applications that integrate with NFC are supported. NFC support includes reading and writing tags, as well as sharing data between NFC enabled devices.
  • Share Framework v2: The previous release of the runtime enabled Android applications that register with the share framework in Android to appear as share targets on the BlackBerry 10 share menu. In this release, Android applications can now share to BlackBerry 10 share menu targets.

Everything you need to know to get setup and started is at the source link below.

Source: BlackBerry Developer Blog