While many thought the public release of Android Marshmallow to Priv owners meant the beta testing was over, BlackBerry has proven that to not be the case at all. A new beta build, the fourth in the line of betas, has now been released.

Android Marshmallow BlackBerry Priv

This time around, you'll have to have either an STV100-1 variant purchased from ShopBlackBerry or Amazon or an STV100-3 purchased through Canadian carriers or within Asia-Pacific. Finally, those with an STV100-4 in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are also eligible to receive this release. To help keep track of which variants have received what builds in beta form, check out the list.

If you have any of the qualifying devices and have signed up for the beta testing, you should be able to go ahead and check for updates now to get this release downloaded. Keep in mind, the file be around 1.8GB in size, so you'll want to have a stable connection when downloading. Also, don't cancel the download or reboot while it's downloading, that does tend to cause problems with getting the update to show again.

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