BlackBerry rolls out new beta versions of Hub Suite core apps

A fresh round of beta versions of the Hub Suite+ core apps have now made their way to the Google Play Store and are available for download to those with access. For now, we're seeing BlackBerry Hub+ Services, BlackBerry Keyboard, Contacts, Calendar, Hub, Notes and Tasks, all showing updates. Unfortunately, the changelogs have all been recycled from previous versions this time around so there are no hints as to what's new or might have been addressed in these updates.

In any case, the updates are there but again, they're only accessible to those who signed up for the beta releases long ago. Generally, the beta releases get issued around the middle of the month and then move onto public release around the end of the month, so if you're not part of the beta group, no matter. You'll all get the releases eventually when they go public. That said if you do have access and spot anything that has been fixed (or broke for the matter) let us know in the comments.

Edit: Whoa. Keyboard has some pretty interesting and awesome new additions! Also, here's a list of the Beta Zone says is new:

Hub: - Added support for Skype Lite, Zalo, and KakaoTalk - Added Search By Sender, and Search by Subject menu items after selecting a message - Improved handling of wide tables in emails - Bug fixes and performance improvements

Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes: - Bug fixes and performance improvements