It has been three years since BlackBerry exited the Korean market but the company appears all set to make a return by announcing availability of the BlackBerry Priv there at a launch event taking place on September 20 according to a new report from ZDNet.

BlackBerry to return to Korean market with Priv launch on Sept. 20

BlackBerry will launch its first Android smartphone, BlackBerry Priv, in South Korea at a launch event on September 20. It will be its first phone launched in Korea since pulling out of the local market three years ago. A BlackBerry spokesman said it was not setting up regional offices there like it did before, however.

Over the years many competitors have exited the South Korean market such as HTC, Motorola, and Nokia, leaving Samsung, Apple, and LG to control the market share. While it remains to be seen how big of a splash BlackBerry can make with the launch of the Priv there, adding another market to the list certainly won't hurt.