The BlackBerry comes with a great battery. The BlackBerry 1000mAh Battery (C-S2) used in many BlackBerry devices is reliable. On my 8700c, it usually keeps me going for 4 to 5 days. We previously discussed how you can maximize your battery life. 

Blackberry Batteries
C-S2 Battery for 7100 and 8700

When it comes to battery replacement, you have a lot of choices. If size is important to you, you might want to stick with your original battery model and purchase a spare one. For those of you who speak hours and hours on the phone everyday, you will definitely want to consider the Extended Batteries. Instead of the regular 1000mAh, you can get up to 1800mAh providing anywhere from 60% to 80% more talk time. The downside is that it will add thickness to the back of you BlackBerry. A small price to pay for the extra talk comfort if you ask me! Extended Batteries for Pearl are not available yet but we should see something in the market this quarter.

Inside the Phone
A variety of Batteries to chose from
A variety of BlackBerry batteries can be found here . Prices range from $14.95 for a replacement to $44.95 for an extended model.

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