Get your broken BlackBerry fixed with our selection of Repair Services!

BlackBerry Repair Services Now Available!
Don't worry... I'm not actually the one doing the repairs. The experts at PDA Repair World are!

Finally! It gives me great pleasure to announce that BlackBerry Repair Services are now available via! Since literally the day CrackBerry went live four years ago our e-commerce support team has been regularly fielding phone calls and emails asking if we can fix a broken BlackBerry and if not, who can. We discovered the best surgeons in the business are PDA Repair World, so we've partnered with them to make their services available directly via our store. 

So what kind of BlackBerry ailments can be operated on? Pretty much everything! Battery Terminal Problems, Camera Issues, Housing Replacement, Keyboard Issues, Microphone & Speaker Issues, Screen Replacement, Sidekey Issues, SIM Card Issues, Trackpad & Trackball Issues, USB Port Problems and much more. And as you might hope, expedited return courier services are offered for your fixed BlackBerry. Click the link below to view all the repair services available for your BlackBerry.

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