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With the release of BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 we knew RIM would also be updating BlackBerry Bridge to support the BlackBerry Remote feature. What we didn't know though is how exactly it worked but now that it has been released, we're getting a better sense of that. In doing some testing, we found out BlackBerry Remote doesn't only work on BlackBerry devices.

In fact, it works on pretty much any device that supports the Bluetooth HID profile. We've tested it on a few devices now -- a Motorola Xoom as shown above a PS3 and an HTC Flyer as well, though Apple devices seem locked out but maybe you just have to mess with the settings a little bit more then we did. You'll also find Windows control keys are enabled if you're using a Windows PC or making use of Splashtop HD. Plus, Mac users can get in on the love by using their device as a keyboard as well.

The best part, there is no app needed to be installed on those other devices either, you can just install and pair and you're pretty much all set to go. I'm sure a lot folks can find a use for this, have an old BlackBerry you're not using and an Android tablet? Give it a shot and see how it works out for you.

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