On the heels of the massive OS 10.2.1 leak this week, BlackBerry has today released the OS 10.2.1 SDK OS for developers. While the official OS may be some time away, developers can now grab the SDK to start prepping their apps for all of the awesome that is 10.2.1. The SDK OS includes the new Android runtime, allowing users to install APK files right on the device as well as plent of support for new services. Check out our chat with Alec Saunders for all the details.

Also included in the SDK OS is support for Android Native, Bluetooth API, embedded MapView v1 API, Share Framework, Spellcheck and Wi-Fi Scanning. 

To get started with the new SDK, grab it from the link below. Keep in mind that this is a developer OS and not recommended as a full-use, non-developer OS for your device.

Download the OS 10.2.1 SDK OS