Rebooting a BlackBerry - something we hate doing yet something we (unfortunately) need to do. Battery pulls, "soft reset" or whatever you want to call it, it has to be done. Historically our devices have taken nothing short of an eternity to reboot, pushing toward 10 minutes in some instances just to get up and running. Well with the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 a welcome relief comes as the improved boot time which is roughly 2 minutes. Finally we don't have to fret pulling the battery - which is few and far between on this device as it is.

Check out the video above (I didn't edit it down at all so we get the full effect of how painful a reboot is - it's kind of long and boring in the middle so feel free to skip ahead) for a head to head comparision of the Bold 9700 (OS, Bold 9650 (OS and Torch 9800 (OS Each of them is loaded up with nearly the same apps and data (messages, contacts, calendar etc) to make things as close as possible. The video is kind of long as I left it run through the whole boot process, so you can skip ahead if you want to just see the meat of it. The Torch boots up in around 2m 20s (at 3:17 in the video), the Bold 9650 takes a not-so-close second at 6m 40s (at 7:40 in the video) with the Bold 9700 bringing up the rear with a boot time of 9m 15s (at 10:33 in the video). Now keep in mind this isn't exact, but its a pretty good show of how long each device takes to boot up. This will totally vary depending on your data, apps etc as each device is specific to its owner, but we tried our best to do a decent comparison. Regardless it is totally obvious here that the Torch with BB6 is way faster (RIM did tell Kevin they improved the boot time considerably) than older devices. Your mission for today is to do your own boot test and drop a comment with your device/OS/boot time. Lets see who has the best and who has the worst!

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