BlackBerry Quick Tip: Using Posterous As A Mobile Blogging Platform

Some of you may already have heard of or be using Posterous. For those of you who might not, I'm going to give you a quick run down of what Posterous is, and how it can help you out if you are looking for a way to run a blog or just interact with your social networks from your BlackBerry.

First off, Posterous is as they describe it. Dead simple to use. You just simply fire off one email to a specified address and you are already set to go as they will reply back with a URL that is yours to use. (, after set up or you can use a custom domain name) You instantly have a "blog" set up for you, which you can customize as you see fit. The service allows for interaction with a ton of social networks and already existing platforms such as Twitter, Flickr, Wordpress, typepad and many more which allows you to "auto post" anything you send to Posterous to any of those places. Minimal set up required and you have a complete mobile blogging platform to work off of.

Have a pic you want to share on Twitter? Send it to Posterous using the email on your BlackBerry to the address Posterous gives you and it's instantly posted to your Posterous account and Twitter account at the same time. Posterous will accept just about anything you send at it and know what to do with it. Videos, Music and even picture galleries are all set up for you automatically just by email alone or with an app such as vPost. If running a personal blog or sharing stuff on the go is something you are looking for, you'll want to check Posterous out for sure.

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