As BlackBerry QNX prepares to head into CES 2017, John Wall, Senior Vice-President and Head of QNX Software Systems, has taken the time to go ahead and announce a new partnership between BlackBerry QNX and Korea-based Obigo to build a better web browser experience in infotainment systems.

At BlackBerry, we are constantly seeking ways to improve the vehicle cockpit experience and to enhance our QNX CAR Platform for Infotainment (QNX CAR). This is why we are proud to announce our partnership with Obigo a leading Korea-based provider of mobile Internet services and browser software. Obigo is working with is to deliver a powerful, Chrome Blink-based HTML5 engine, which will enhance the browser experience of your infotainment systems.

As part of the agreement, our internal HTML5 team will be augmented by Obigo's team of experts who will help to optimize the latest Blink browser technology with QNX CAR. QNX CAR, our best in class Infotainment system, has more than 50% global market share and is present in over 60 million vehicles. With QNX bringing this new browser to market, vendors and manufacturers can enrich their driving experience through new applications and services, and drive further customer satisfaction.

"Many automotive OEMs and Tier-1s still view open source HTML browsers as lightweight," explains Obigo CEO David Hwang. "With almost two decades of browser experience on embedded systems, we have been working to change those perceptions with highly optimized technology that address open source browser performance issues. Working with BlackBerry QNX, we plan to develop a product that will boost interest in HTML5 technology for emerging in-vehicle applications and services."

Obigo's technology will also simplify the coding of HTML 5 browsers for new infotainment systems and accelerate the product development cycle. Obigo joins the ecosystem of BlackBerry QNX partners that collectively offer the best-in-class system level solution for our infotainment customers.

Although Wall doesn't state when BlackBerry QNX will start shipping Obigo's browser within QNX, reports coming out of Korea note that it's expected to start shipping within QNX's OS starting from 2018.

Source: Inside BlackBerry