BlackBerry Q5 in white exclusively available from EE

The BlackBerry Q5 has been out for a while already in the U.K. So far we'd only seen the black Q5 available, then in early July the red became available exclusive to Carphone Warehouse. Another color is now available in white,  this time exclusive to EE. 

Since Orange and T-Mobile are part of the EE merger, you'll also find the white Q5 on those networks too. Pricing starts at £26 ($39) a month with no upfront fee. On EE, your £26 a month will get you unlimited calls and texts with 500MB of data. For the same price on Orange and T-Mobile what you get varies depending on the length of the contract but you are looking at between 200 - 600 minutes for calls, unlimited text and between 250MB - 1GB of data.

Look out for our full review coming soon. In the meantime, you can check out the U.K. retail unboxing and our first impressions.

The only color left to become available is the pink version. I'm personally not a fan of pink gadgets but I know there are many of your out there. Hands up those who are waiting for the pink version.

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