Like any new phone - prices do change and they are always carrier dependent, however Rob Orr (BlackBerry UK's Managing Director) has reportedly confirmed regarding the BlackBerry Q5 that it should sell around the kind of £20.00 odd per month tariff.

For what you are getting for your money this sounds like a pretty sweet deal and it should certainly appeal to the younger generation here in the UK who are so reliant on their lower end/cheaper BlackBerry smartphones.

Of course - £20.00 per month will still be over a 24 month contract and it will be interesting to see what plans are available for that price. Currently you can pick up the BlackBerry Curve 9320 for as little as £10.00 per month but you don't get a great deal in terms of minutes/SMS and data.

With no more BlackBerry Internet Service on BlackBerry 10, I'm eager to see if the cheaper Q5 is still offered with some reasonable data allowances.

Roll on July when the Q5 is due to hit the stores. Then the 'which color to get' dilemma will begin!