It's all Q5 action today so far. UK retailer Clove have confirmed two bits of interesting news relating to the third BlackBerry 10 smartphone. First up is it's due date. Clove are expecting first stock on Monday July 1st which is a couple of weeks before we were expecting it SIM free in the UK.

Secondly, and maybe even more important is a Q5 price drop. Clove now have the latest 'budget' BlackBerry up for £275 excluding VAT which equates to £330 with VAT applied. Although I expect most consumers who pick up the BlackBerry Q5 will do so on contract there is always a group of hardcore SIM free buyers out there, including myself.

We've already heard that the BlackBerry Q5 will launch first in Dubai so could the UK be next on the list? As always these dates are often subject to change but at least it looks like the Q5 is just around the corner for us here in the UK.

And of course we will have a full review of the BlackBerry Q5 coming up in the near future so keep your eyes peeled.