We posted yesterday that the BlackBerry Z30 had at last shown up in ShopBlackBerry for U.S. customers. It looks like it wasn't the only BlackBerry 10 device to now become available to purchase SIM free as the Q5 is also there ready for you to order. 

The SIM free Q5 is priced at $349.00 which is certainly cheaper than ShopBlackBerry in the UK are offering, however on this side of the pond we have a whole host of retailers that will sell you the Q5 for a more reasonable price - roughly the same as what BlackBerry are charging in the U.S. 

It may not be the king of BlackBerry 10 devices, but it does the job and if you are looking to purchase SIM free without breaking the bank the Q5 is well worth considering. 

You can pick up the BlackBerry Q5 in black, red, pink or white. 

Order the BlackBerry Q5 from ShopBlackBerry

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