We've mentioned the SIM free version of the BlackBerry Q5 a few times recently. The last we knew was that the device was expected in stock with the UK SIM free retailers on July 1st. It seems that Christmas has come early for many as the black variant is in stock today at unlocked-mobiles.com.

The Q5 will set you back £334.98 including VAT which has been a subject of discussion in our forums. Many say it's over priced - but compare the price to the Q10 and you are still getting a load of smartphone for your money.

The SIM free route won't be for everyone, however with all the UK carriers offering both 12 month and 30 day SIM-only contracts it's a much better option if you ask me - plus it gives you the freedom to change phones whenever you feel the need.

Order the BlackBerry Q5 from Unlocked-Mobiles