The BlackBerry Q5 goes on sale in Saudi Arabia

The good folk of Saudi Arabia can now pick up the BlackBerry Q5 from Axiom Telecom, which will please many locals. It would appear that it's just the black and white variants that are up for grabs at the moment with the red version to follow.

On a personal note I would like to see the Q5 global roll out a bit quicker. I know BlackBerry will release the device in key markets first where they believe the it will sell, but we still see so many people wanting the Q5 that can't get hold of it yet.

Price wise the BlackBerry Q5 will set you back AED 14,99.00 which doesn't mean a lot to me but we would love to hear your pricing thoughts in the comments if you are from Saudi Arabia?

Will this be a hit in the region? Please let us know?