With the BlackBerry Q5 slowly rolling out around the world I'm fairly confident that all users will either be new to BlackBerry altogether - or will be upgrading from a legacy device. Either way, the web browser on BlackBerry 10 is feature rich, so for you good folk joining Team BlackBerry or picking up your first BlackBerry 10 smartphone this video is for you.

Web browsing on the BlackBerry Q5 is just as enjoyable as on the other BlackBerry 10 devices - but due to its price point I'm under the impression that in many countries around the world it will outsell the likes of the Z10 and Q10. Here in the UK the BlackBerry Curve has been a massive hit for years and the Q5 is the perfect upgrade for those people that still have their BlackBerry addiction.

Finding a web page on the BlackBerry Q5 can be done one of two ways. Due to the power of BlackBerry 10 you don't even need to open the browser to find the site you are looking for. From your home screen you can just start typing on the keyboard and the OS will offer you up a choice of three search engines - Yahoo, Google and Bing. Just tap the one you want and your search will be complete. This action will also come in handy for websites that you have recently visited or bookmarked as they too will show up in the search - clever stuff!

Option two is to actually open the browser itself. Here you will be presented will a selection of recently visited sites if you fancy jumping back into one of those. At the bottom left of the display you will find the tab to get you swiftly into your bookmarks, history and also the option to open multiple web pages using the 'New Tab' option. With a selection of web pages all running at the same time jumping between them just takes a second and soon becomes second nature if you are new to BlackBerry 10.

With a web page open, tapping the three grey dots at the bottom right of the screen will provide you with a heap of options. As well as tweaking the settings there are some super useful features here that will make using the BlackBerry Q10 browser a real joy.

First up is a basic one and that's adding a bookmark. Just tap the 'Add Bookmark' and the job is done. What is even cooler though is you also have the option to 'Add to Home Screen'. If it's a web page you visit regularly this really is an awesome feature and one that I have used on all of the BlackBerry 10 handsets I have used. Getting to a website is just a tap away which I love.

It's quite common that you will find a website where the text is small and you need to zoom in to read it. The problem with this is that on most occasions you will also need to keep swiping the display back and forth to read sentences. This is where the "Reader" mode on the Q5's browser is a godsend. Select the option and the web page will reload in Reader mode where the text is set out perfectly for reading funnily enough. You even have the option to increase/decrease the font size if you so desire.

The other great feature within the BlackBerry Q5 browser options is 'Share'. If you find a site or article you want to send over to a buddy give the "share' tab a touch and you can then use any of the accounts you have set up in your BlackBerry Hub. These could be via email, SMS, BBM, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and the list goes on.

If web browsing on your smartphone is an important factor in deciding which phone to get, you can rest assured that the BlackBerry Q5 does a fantastic job in addition to being an amazing communication device. Thinking of picking up a Q5? Hit up the comments if you have further questions. The CrackBerry community will answer!