Over the past few weeks we've seen a ton of concept devices appear in our forums. So many in fact, we eventually had to give them their own forum not only because there has been so many of them but because people were getting the concept devices mixed up and thinking they were real device leaks and you know, I can see why. To this day, we still get emails asking when the BlackBerry Blade will be released and that's most certainly not even a real device, though it does have its own site now.

So, that leads me to the image above. It actually came in an email 3 or 4 days ago now and the sender gladly proclaimed it to be a BlackBerry Q30 leak directly from someone within BlackBerry, a rather high up individual but we won't say who. Needless to say, there's plenty about it to be rather suspicious about when all of that is considered so I sat on it until now wondering what I should do with this image.

I've scoured through the concept device forums and various other parts of the internet to see if this had been posted as a concept and while I came up with plenty that looked similar to it, none appear to be this exact image. So alas, I present it to you all. To be 100% clear, I'm not claiming it to be a leak, I'm not claiming it to be concept but I am claiming it to be a pretty freaking awesome looking device.

If it's your image or you've seen it posted elsewhere, let me know so that we know definitively what it is. If no one steps up, well I'll just sit here and hope it some day ends up being a reality and to the person who sent it in, thanks and no offense intended. I'm sure you can understand the suspicion here.