The Q30 doesn't really exist in any form at the moment, though we do have our fingers crossed than an updated, more awesome version of the Q10 is on the way. That isn't stopping people from speculating on new devices or even coming up with their own concepts for new designs.

Leading up to the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 we saw loads of concepts for devices. Everything from the TK5 Justice to the BlackBerry Blade. Some we could definitely see as legit designs while others maybe not so much -- but we still love to see how creative CrackBerry members can be.

The latest concept designs comes from Ziro1 and is for the mythical BlackBerry Q30.  

These concepts show off what's essentially a Q10 with way more sexy and a much larger screen. Each one has a slightly different style and at the core we'd love to see them have even bigger specs than the Z30, especially with those kick ass speakers. 

Check out three versions of the design in the gallery above. Love em? Hate em? Swing by the forums and let us know what you think!

Update: Check out another Q30 concept in the forums here

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