We've seen plenty of the upcoming BlackBerry Q10 at this point, but some new images of what looks to be an early developer unit have surfaced. The images show the black Q10 but oddly it has a rubberized battery door that is more similar to the that of the BlackBerry Z10. We've seen (and fondled) the Q10 multiple times now and never seen a battery door like this, so we don't expect that it will show up anywhere unless it gets offered up as a third-party replacement for the OEM door.  

I for one would love to see this offered as an alternative option though - I totally love the feel of the battery door on the Z10 and it would be great to carry that over to the Q10 as well.

What's cool here too is that we get another look at the Q10's NS1 battery. That bad boy is sporting 2100mAh and to say we're excited to test it out is an understatement. Keep in mind that the Z10 battery is 1800mAh, so with all that extra juice plus a smaller screen size, the Q10 looks to have some amazing battery life. 

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