BlackBerry Q10

So, you've managed to chew through our massive BlackBerry Q10 review, and yet you want more? Oh, you insatiable readers are in luck, because there's a big, wide blogosphere full of Q10 reviews, and across the board they're generally positive.

We couldn't be more excited about the Q10 finally hitting the streets. Only a few more days and it will be in those anxious hands just waiting to be put to the test. There will be plenty of Q10 goodness to come in the next few weeks, but if you can't wait then we totally understand. 

Let's take a look at what some of the heavy hitters have to say about the BlackBerry Q10:

"The Q10 is unquestionably the best phone with a keyboard on the market." - Engadget

"Its long battery life and comfortable keyboard may be what you've been holding out for, and the inclusion of BlackBerry 10.1 is extra icing on the cake." - CNET

"The BlackBerry Q10 is the phone BlackBerry fanatics have been clamoring for -- with a killer keyboard and welcome OS improvements." - Laptop

"I grew so comfortable with [the Active Frame] gesture that I accidentally tried to use it on my Android smartphone." - Wall Street Journal

"Efficiency freaks everywhere should be rejoicing." - New York Times

"It is a fully modern BlackBerry – and not just by BlackBerry standards. It's fast, has a mobile browser that beats many of the others and an outstanding physical keyboard." - ABC

"The Q10 is likely to be attractive to the BlackBerry faithful. It deserves to lure some people over from Androids and iPhones as well." - Associated Press

"The Q10 is a very solid and well-built little phone, and it's one of the few options available from any smartphone ecosystem for the physical keyboard holdouts." - Ars Technica

"The Q10 is very impressive device, especially from a company that more than a few people had completely counted out completely." - TechCrunch

"Physical keyboard is amazing — perfect for pounding out quarterly earnings estimates while getting your shoes shined." - Wired

"There was no touchscreen lag whatsoever, and even with eight apps open... Somehow, RIM has managed to get the most out of this phone’s engine." - Globe and Mail

"The BlackBerry Q10 is a great phone — the best BlackBerry ever, in fact — a fantastic communication tool and a decent smartphone." - MobileSyrup

Find any other solid BlackBerry Q10 reviews out in the wild web? Seeing any common threads among them?

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