While the BlackBerry Q10 has still not landed on US soil (not too much longer, promise) sales have been exceeding expectations already. While a recent report by ITG Research claimed that Q10 sales were under that of the BlackBerry Z10, it appears that it is quite the opposite.

According to Seeking Alpha, the Q10 is actually selling better than the Z10 despite being just one month in since the initial release. When contacting stores across Canada about the report, it was clear that the Q10 is selling extremely well across the board. As one store commented, "That is not correct, it [Q10] is doing considerably better."

The Q10 is also selling even better than the Samsung Galaxy S4 at the Carphone Warehouse at Selfridges - the top mobile retail location in the UK. The Q10 was first offered as a Selfridges exclusive and sold out in just 90 minutes where it was said to be "leagues beyond anything they had seen". With Samsung claiming such great sales for the S4, it's a very impressive feat for the Q10. 

We've already said that the Q10 will be a cash cow for BlackBerry. It's the best physical keyboard device there is and will sell extremely well to both current and new BlackBerry users across the globe. With a US release just a few weeks off we're sure to see these numbers crank up big time as well.