About a week ago now, Eastlink sent out emails letting customers know the BlackBerry Q10 was available for purchase. I rolled by my local Eastlnk retailer and at that point they hadn't yet received their stock for the device so I held off on posting it. Having called a few other locations around town and a few out of town, they all seem to have ramped up their availability of the device and now have stock readily available.

So, if you're looking to pick up a BlackBerry Q10 but have been holding out for Eastlink, you should be able to pick one up rather easily. Pricing for the Q10 on Eastlink is set at $199 with a plan $50 and up or $700 outright. Additionally, if you're already an Eastlink subscriber, there is the chance you can get reduced pricing through their internet, home phone, cable and wireless bundles.

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