The CrackBerry Forums have been buzzing with plenty of BlackBerry Q10 goodness over the last few weeks, but one particular thread stood out to me recently. A post from a new member VancityAllie ... so new that she registered for the forums just to make this post. 

VancityAllie has been a long-time BlackBerry user and was anxious to upgrade to a new Q10. It wasn't all smiles through the first 24 hours of BlackBerry 10 however. Just like most of us do, she obsessed over her new device - the good and the bad - and wasn't sure she had made the right choice. There were a few hiccups at the start with things like gestures, Hub settings, profiles and Bedside Mode,  but over the course of the day (and night) things began to pan out. 

Go out and get one! You won't regret it once you take it for a good spin CB Forums Member VancityAllie

There is definitely an adjustment period that comes with any new device - the Z10 and Q10 included. As we noted in our Q10 review, it's hard at first for some users to get by the fact that there is no trackpad or navigation buttons on the Q10 - but once you stick it out a while and get a feel for the device, it's like they were never there. Of course there is also a learning curve involved when moving from BBOS to BlackBerry 10 given all the new features and gestures but that's to be expected with any new platform (and you can find plenty of help here).

Overall, VancityAllie says now that she couldn't be happier with her purchase and that anyone who is thinking about a Q10 should "Go out and get one! You won't regret it once you take it for a good spin". We couldn't agree with her more.

You can read through her play-by-play of day one with the Q10 in the forums. Be sure to leave a comment with a warm welcome!

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