As prospective BlackBerry Q10 owners wait patiently for word of an official US release date, TmoNews is reporting that the Q10 may be available in the US as early as June 5th on T-Mobile, which means it could release on other carriers around the same time as well. 

At BlackBerry Live we heard once again that the Q10 would be arriving in the US in June, we just weren't sure exactly when. Being the BlackBerry-loving pessimists that we are however, mid to late June was more the expectation.

As it stands, T-Mobile customers should be able to grab a new Q10 next Wednesday, although still no peep from AT&T, Verizon or Sprint (but we're hoping to have some good news from all of them very soon).

T-Mobile is expected to offer up the Q10 for $579.99 outright or $99 down then $20/month.

Are you a T-Mobile customer and planning on picking up a new Q10? Let us know in the comments!