Just as we've seen with previous device releases, BlackBerry has now started sending out emails to developers to let them know if they have a BlackBerry Q10 app in BlackBerry World, that app will automatically be listed as compatible for the upcoming BlackBerry Passport.

Developers have the option of just allowing it to go through or if they feel as though testing on the app should be done before it gets marked as 'Passport ready' they can opt out of the automated process and test their apps to ensure compatibility.

The BlackBerry® Passport will soon join the smartphone product line as one of BlackBerry's most recent innovations. The unique square design features a 1440 x 1440 screen resolution, 1:1 aspect ratio and will support BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3.

As the release of the BlackBerry Passport approaches, we want to ensure that your apps will be part of the new product launch. To test your existing apps for BlackBerry Passport support, download the gold release of the BlackBerry 10.3 Developer Preview OS. Simulators, SDKs and information to get you started can also be found at this link. The great news for you is that most apps that offer support for BlackBerry Q10 will also function seamlessly on the new smartphone.

For your convenience, we will be automatically expanding your device support to include the BlackBerry Passport for your apps that currently support the BlackBerry Q10.

In the unlikely event that you do not want to support the BlackBerry Passport, you can easily opt-out of this offer by clicking the link below and following the onscreen instructions.

If you're a developer and missed the email, the deadline for opting out is Friday August 8, 2014 at 5:00 PM Eastern. You can head on over to the BlackBerry Developer website to opt out if you wish. For everyone else, this brings us all one step closer to BlackBerry Passport availability. Huzzah!