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BlackBerry Protect has received an update in BlackBerry App World and now sits at version There is no change log (as usual) to go along with any of the updates, so it's safe to assume just some minor tweaks and/or bug fixes. This update is a bit confusing to me as well as I have version on my Bold 9930 (OS so not sure what's up there. Regardless, BlackBerry Protect has quickly moved to the top of my favorite apps list and has proven itself to me on a few occasions. If you haven't tried it yet, it lets you backup data on your device like contacts, calendar and text messages OTA and is totally free. You can also locate and remotely wipe your device from the web -- very cool stuff. Head to the link below to download BlackBerry Protect or check out more in our walkthrough.

More information/download of BlackBerry Protect

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