BB Protect

One of my most valued apps on my BlackBerry has received an update today. BlackBerry Protect version is now available to download from App World. 

The update brings the following features and fixes to the app:

  • Support for backing up additional databases such as password keeper and WiFi network profiles
  • Improvements to the backup and restore feature
  • Enhancements to the application deletion protection
  • Ability to stop and resume BlackBerry Protect service
  • Ability to automatically return your device to silent mode after making it play a sound
  • BlackBerry ID enhancements and setup fixes
  • Expansion of supported wireless service providers and BlackBerry device models
  • Support for additional display languages

If you currently do not use BlackBerry Protect I strongly recommend you do. As well as it backing up your contacts, sms, calendar, tasks and memos, the application can also come in very handy if you lose your beloved BlackBerry. Using BlackBerry Protect on the web will allow you to locate your BlackBerry if it is lost or stolen. As well as tracking it on a map, you can sound an alarm on your device, send a message to it and even erase all of its data. If you fancy seeing it in action check out the recent video we posted.

More information/Download BlackBerry Protect for BlackBerry Smartphones

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