BlackBerry Protect rumored launch dates emerge

It's been quite some time since we posted our intial preview of BlackBerry Protect. While it's been in the BlackBerry Beta Zone all this time, it's only been available for a limited amount of users. With it being there we've heard plenty of times that it's coming soon but there has never been a date associated. The latest rumors however have an area-specific rollout happening by way of open beta on the following dates;

  • March 5th (North America / Latin America)
  • March 19th (EMEA)
  • April 2nd (Asia Pacific)

We won't hold anyone to those date but a complete roll out would be great to finally see happen. Anyone waiting to get their hands on BlackBerry Protect still or have you moved on to one of the many alternatives now available? Let us know in the comments folks.

Source: N4BB