BlackBerry Redactor

If you hit the Google Play Store today, you'll find a new update is now available for the BlackBerry Privacy Shade app that brings a whole new feature called BlackBerry Redactor. Using the Redactor function of BlackBerry Privacy Shade will allow you to hide private or sensitive information from your screenshots before sharing them.

What's New

  • Use new Redactor mode to take a screenshot anywhere on your device and block sensitive content
  • Redact content with horizontal swipes, rectangles, and circles
  • Share your redacted content seamlessly with your social media and email applications
  • Switch quickly between Redactor mode and Privacy Shade mode

Previously, I would always just use a sticker or make terrible looking scribbles to hide info or just edit screenshots in a different app altogether but with this function now being built right in the Privacy Shade app itself, it's one less thing to worry about or app to download. That's a win.

Thanks, Rodney!

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