BlackBerry Priv boot screen

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To go along with the seemingly random rollout of a new BlackBerry 10 OS build, BlackBerry has also pushed out a new update for BlackBerry Priv owners. Unfortunately, it's hard to pin down exactly what has changed other than the firmware version, which now sits at AAW068.

The update itself comes in weighing just over 100MB and doesn't appear to change the Android security patch level on Priv. If you download the update, be sure to mind the message noted on the update page. This release can have issues with verification once downloaded, so follow these instructions if that happens to you. You might have to do it a few times before it will take.

Regular monthly updates for the Priv were shut down at the end of last year but BlackBerry noted at the time, 'should a critical vulnerability be exposed we will engage our partners as needed to develop and deliver necessary patches.' so there's something worthwhile here even if we're not sure what it is yet.

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