BlackBerry Hub

If you're moving to the BlackBerry Priv from a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, there are a whole host of things that will be new, unusual, annoying, pretty much cover every emotion you can throw at a phone. One such irritation will present itself the moment you sign in to BlackBerry Hub with a Gmail or Google Apps account if you also have that account authenticated on the phone. Because you'll get duplicate email notifications.

You may wonder why you would even sign in to an account twice? Android handles its accounts differently to BlackBerry 10, and if you use any of the Google Apps on the phone you need to sign-in to them with an account that has been authenticated on the phone. And when you've done that Gmail will sync by default.

An example: I have a personal Gmail account and a work Google Apps email, both of which I set up on my Priv fresh out of the box. My personal Gmail account I don't want coming in to the Hub but it's the account I have linked to the Play Store for my content purchases. But my work email, I do want in the Hub and I also have to authenticate it on the Priv so I can sign in to other Google apps, such as Google Drive, with my corporate credentials.

Confusing? A little. But the duplicate notifications will come through the minute you have any email account connected to both the Hub and the Gmail app on the Priv. Stopping this from happening is, however, simple. Here's what you need to do:

  • Either by pulling down the notification tray or going into the app drawer, open "Settings."
  • Scroll down to "Accounts."
  • Select "Google."
  • Now choose the Google account(s) you're going to have in your BlackBerry Hub
  • Scroll down until you find the "Gmail" option.
  • Set the toggle to off (grayed out.)

This will stop your Gmail syncing into the Gmail app which has a two fold effect. You won't get duplicate notifications and you won't get duplicate downloads of your emails and attachments. If you're using the BlackBerry Hub there's virtually no reason to also use the Gmail app, so just turn off sync and be happy with the Hub!