If for whatever reason you're looking to tear apart your brand new BlackBerry Priv, there's now a new video that might help you along. As they've done for some previous devices such as the BlackBerry Passport, the folks from Karalux Vietnam have now tore down the BlackBerry Priv to show everyone the bits and bobs inside.

Unlike the Passport, which proved to be fairly easy to take apart, the Priv requires some more effort and gets a little tricky in some areas, namely the display, wherein a good old heat gun had to be used to separate the pieces. Not uncommon by any means but a bit of a change from previous BlackBerry smartphones that have generally been easy to disassemble.

Although it's no iFixIt teardown, it should serve as a good guide for those who might end up looking to do repairs later on down the road. Plus, with it being from Karalux Vietnam, you can be certain their only reason for tearing it down, aside from the general interest is to find out which pieces they can dip in gold. 24K gold Priv coming soon? Likely.

UPDATE - Already been done.

A second, and arguably better, teardown video has now been posted to YouTube thanks to JerryRigEverything, which gets a little more up close and personal with the device.

Thanks, I7up2001!