The first accessory I got for my BlackBerry Priv was the leather pouch in tan. For every BlackBerry smartphone I have owned, I have purchased a leather pouch (except for the Passport, as there was none), so it wasn't going to be any different when I got my hands on a Priv. I decided to get it in tan this time, just to switch things up a little.

From the pictures alone, you notice that it's made a bit differently to previous leather pouches for BlackBerry 10 devices. It has somewhat of an corner with outer lip, though we have seen a similar design before in the leather pouch for the BlackBerry Leap. To be honest, I'm not sure I like this design. I prefer the smooth curves of the leather pouches for the Classic, Z30 and Q10. It just makes it nicer to hold. That said, I like the smooth leather texture on the Priv pouch this time, with a nappa leather finish. The interior is also very similar to that on the Leap leather pouch. Gone is the micro fiber material found in previous leather cases, instead you'll find a soft inner lining that hugs your Priv perfectly. The Priv Leather Pouch does feel flimsier than the likes of the Z30 Leather Pouch, however that nappa leather makes it feel nicer to touch and the lack of cardboard-like material within the lining gives it a softer touch, too.

Give your BlackBerry Priv the business look with the OEM Leather Pouch

The Priv Leather Pouch still has the signature red thread on the right side of the case, as well as the stitching that goes all the way around. It also still has the BlackBerry logo on the front and the BlackBerry name embossed on the back. What is different with this leather pouch is that there is a cut out at the bottom for the charging port. The front face of the pouch also goes all the way to the top but there is a little window for the LED notification light, so you can still see if you have messages if you were more than arms length from your phone. The top sides of the case are also cut out a bit to allow you to pull your phone out.

On the back you'll find a card slot, which has been convenient for me to carry my train ticket in when I go to college. The last pouch I recall seeing this on was the Micro Fiber Pouch for the BlackBerry Z10. If you're wondering if the Priv Leather Pouch has a sleep magnet, worry not: there is one present and it works just as you'd imagine.

Overall, the BlackBerry Priv Leather Pouch offers decent protection for your phone. It will be a very snug fit at the beginning. You'll fight with it for the first few uses as you stretch it out a bit, and that outer lip can come in handy in assisting you to pull it off of your Priv. I've been using it for almost two weeks now and it is no longer a tight fit, but it hasn't become so lose that my Priv could easily slip out. Once you've broken it in you just don't have to fight with the pouch to remove your phone.

One thing that I did initial find missing was a cut out for the headphone jack, which is found at the bottom of the Priv. However, with real life use, perhaps not having one makes more sense. My thinking is this. I usually plug in earphones on college days to use on the train journey. At the same time, I will occasionally use my phone to browse social feeds and all the rest. If there was a cut out on the bottom, each time I pull out my phone, the earphone cable would end up being in the leather pouch and I could accidentally pull the headphone jack out whilst pulling out the phone. So, with no cut out for the headphone jack, inserting my Priv head first into the pouch makes it easier if I need to pull it out again. Make sense? It does for me. Though the same scenario can be applied to the charging port cut out. At the end of the day, though, whether or not that is a pro or a con will be down to the individual.

The Good

  • Sleep Magnet
  • NFC friendly
  • Charging port cut out
  • Card slot

The Bad

  • No headphone jack cut out
  • Feels a bit flimsy
  • Uncomfortable outer lip

The bottom line

I have always said the leather pouch accessory is perfect for those who want that protection when out and about but who also like to use the phone in its naked form. It's one of the reasons I buy the BlackBerry OEM Leather Pouch - I still get the use the device naked. There's also something to be said about that business class look to it, too. It always becomes my go to case in the end, even after trying many others. That card slot on the back has also proven to be very handy. Get the BlackBerry OEM Leather Pouch for the BlackBerry Priv today for $39.95 from Shop CrackBerry.

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