BlackBerry Priv now available from Unlocked Mobiles

In the UK, Carphone Warehouse had exclusivity in stocking the BlackBerry Priv since its launch in November 2015, outside of Shop BlackBerry. That exclusivity looks has now come to an end and the Priv is now available from online retailers Mobile Phones Direct and Unlocked Mobiles, as well as U.K. carrier, Vodafone.

Unlocked Mobiles is selling the Priv SIM free for £545 ($785), which is £14 cheaper than Shop BlackBerry and Carphone Warehouse. They also include 2-year warranty, and while they are based in the UK they do ship worldwide, potentially opening up Priv access to markets where the phone is not yet available locally. If you are ordering from the UK, you can take advantage of next-day delivery, provided you order before 5 pm.

Mobile Phones Direct is offering the Priv for £510 ($732), making the purchase even cheaper. However, there is currently no next day delivery option with Mobile Phones Direct, instead it look likes it is taking 3 days before delivery is made. You can also buy on contract through Mobile Phones Direct and they have slightly better pricing when it comes to upfront costs compared to Carphone Warehouse.

U.K. carriers have stopped stocking BlackBerry devices for some time now except for Vodafone who is the only carrier you can buy direct from. Vodafone is now also stocking the Priv on contract and with any plan you choose there will be an upfront fee, the cheapest being £9 ($13) with a monthly cost of £49 ($70). This plan will give you unlimited calls and texts, and 6GB of data each month. All contracts are for two years. You can go in-store to make a purchase or you can order online where delivery is between 2-4 days. I would double-check store stock before heading out, though, as it doesn't look like many stores actually have stock.

If you haven't done so already, you can read our review of the BlackBerry Priv to help you decide on whether or not it's a device for you. If you already own a Priv, you can head on over to our Help section for tips and tricks on using your new phone.

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