Aside from being the Global Creative Director at BlackBerry, it's no secret that Alicia Keys is one hell of a singer. She's got the awards, record sales and countless nominations to back that up.

As part of the BlackBerry Keep Moving series, Secret Sessions with Alicia Keys debuted April 8th in Newark, New Jersey after her performance there and now, the video of that event has been posted for all to view on Livestream. If you're a fan of Alicia Keys music, it's something you'll certainly want to check out.

Additionally, you have the option to subscribe to the BlackBerry Keep Moving channel where more sessions will be posted. We've embedded the video below the break, keep in mind you'll need a flash enabled browser to view it, or you can head on over the BlackBerry Keep Moving channel via the link below.

BlackBerry Keep Moving presents Alicia Keys Secret Sessions