BlackBerry preparing subscription offering for BBM sticker packs

I didn't really intend on writing about BBM Stickers twice today but looking through the BBM Shop, it would appear as though BlackBerry is preparing a subscription-based offering for BBM Sticker packs called 'Sticker Club', something quite a few folks who enjoy stickers have been asking for. Although the subscribe button appears, you're not currently able to do sign up as it states you need a higher version of BBM installed, which likely indicates it will be coming in one of the next beta builds of BBM.

We do, however, get an outline of what the subscription entails as it notes 'Become a BBM Sticker Club member today and take advantage of over 100 stickers that you can use now plus the many sticker packs'. Sadly, the pricing details for this subscription are missing as well, so we'll just have to wait and see what BlackBerry plans on charging for the option when they eventually roll it, assuming they do and it's not just a test. Would you be more likely to subscribe for stickers instead of paying for each pack? Let us know in the comments.