If you've been waiting to hear more about BES10 Cloud, it's looking like we should get an official announcement soon. The BES10 Cloud sign up page has gone live whether it was intended to or not and as right now, folks can sign up for the services and even get essentially a free trial until March 2015. Not sure what BES10 Cloud is? Well, we've got some the highlights below for you.

What is BES10 Cloud?

  • BES10 Cloud is an enterprise mobility management solution from BlackBerry. EMM solutions help you manage mobile devices for your organization. You can manage BlackBerry, iOS, and Android devices, all from a unified interface. EMM solutions from BlackBerry protect business information, keep mobile workers connected with the information they need, and provide administrators with efficient tools that help keep business moving. BES10 Cloud is an EMM solution that is available in the cloud

Key Features Of BES10 Cloud

  • Management of most types of devices - You can manage BlackBerry 10, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Single, unified interface - You can view all devices in one place and access all management tasks in a single, web-based interface. You can share administrative duties with multiple administrators who can access the administration consoles at the same time.
  • Trusted and secure experience - Device controls give you precise management of how devices connect to your network, what capabilities are enabled, and what apps are available. Whether the devices are owned by your organization or your users, you can protect your organization's information.
  • Balance of work and personal needs - BlackBerry Balance technology is designed to ensure that personal and work information are kept separate and secure on BlackBerry devices. If the device is lost or the employee leaves the organization, you can delete only work- related information or all information from the device.
  • High availability - Instead of having to maintain your own highly available service for device management, with all the upfront and maintenance costs, BlackBerry maintains the service and maximizes uptime for you.

There has been a lot of folks on the preview and those that are, have seemingly nothing but praise for the service. It takes a lot of the work of running your own BES and makes it more easily accessible to all. I do again want to note that this information here isn't based off an official announcement. It just appears the services are getting closer to launch because all of the links have fully gone live for it.

In other words, don't go messing with it if you're unsure of what it all means and how it can affect your device. If you're looking for more details you can check out the sign up page below or view all of the support documents as well and of course, stay tuned for the official announcement as it does seem imminent.