The first time I tried to charge my BlackBerry Q10 in my car, I was a bit perturbed to see that my old car charger wasn't quite up to snuff for my new device.

It appears that as with the wall chargers for BlackBerry 10 phones, you need a car charger that puts out enough oomph as well.

While the car charger I had wasn't causing my Q10 to lose a charge, it just wasn't charging very fast.

This was the message that was displayed:

So it was off to ShopCrackBerry where I picked up a new BlackBerry Premium 1.8A Micro-USB In-Vehicle Charger to solve my charging woes. Now, not only could I charge my Q10 properly, I could also drop in another USB cable to charge something else (like my Z10 or Q5). 

The BlackBerry Premium In-Vehicle Charger doesn't have much to it - just a simple plug that goes right into your cars charging port (aka cigarette lighter adapter) with a coiled microUSB plug for your device. A spare open USB port lets you drop in nearly any type of USB charger you can find so you get double charging action. Not too shabby huh?

On top of working great, I actually love the look of this too. The charger looks like a premium accessory and not some cheap $0.99 eBay charger.

So if you're rocking a Q5, Q10 or Z10 and need to make sure you're properly charging your device, don't hesitate to pick up the BlackBerry Premium 1.8A Micro-USB In-Vehicle Charger.

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