Update: I reached out to Pixelcarve for a little back story on the commercial. You can read that the email I received back from Curtis Priest, the President and CEO below.

Hey Kevin,

Thanks so much for posting it, we're loving the comments. Definitely makes the long hours worth it ;)

BlackBerry has owned a special place in our hearts since the first day it allowed us to leave the office and remain connected to our business. Long before iPhone's and Android's there was BlackBerry letting us do more from anywhere we wanted. With everything their technology and innovation has given us over the years we wanted to give back and pour some of our excitement for BlackBerry 10 into a piece that would inspire people and capture some mindshare to reignite their brand. I was also particularly excited when RIM bought QNX, as it was actually the first computing system I ever used as a child and I have an immense respect for its influence on the world as well. It's very important to me that people understand exactly what BlackBerry and QNX have been doing, and that this isn't just a small version iteration of their operating system but rather, as you know, a complete rebuild of their architecture, experience, and brand - and an entire new technology leap in mobile computing.

So we found ourselves in a unique position to tell a story that we felt could connect with people. The cinematic direction we wanted for the score was immediately clear , and the script flowed almost effortlessly - but coming up with assets for a 2 minute launch trailer on no budget was no small challenge. A super bowl budget would have made things a lot easier, but our team was very excited about this so we invested our time and pieced together a narrative that harmoniously blends the BlackBerry legacy with their next evolution. They had already shot some great quality video of BB10, we had some beautiful custom 3D animation of the Z10 done by our good friend Richard Rosenman, and the rest was simply finding the right way to craft a story that would capture people's imaginations and give them a new reason to love BlackBerry.

We're thrilled with the response it's received so far, and very grateful for your support - we love CrackBerry.com too!


There you have it. Pure. Awesome.