Oh boy, the BlackBerry popo are going to be busy today.  It seems an unofficial, early-build BlackBerry PlayBook has landed in the wild with Ryder posting about it on a blog called Mobility Insider. No doubt he sold his soul for this one (I'd sell my soul three times to have a production PlayBook right now), but there's a video above to prove he has it and apparently a longer video is on its way.  In addition to the teaser video, a bunch of first impressions were posted.  Here's the short version:

  • UI - fluid, fast and easy to navigate
  • Look and Feel - solid and well built, 7" tablet is easy to type on. He feels Job is wrong on 7" not being big enough
  • Cameras and Multimedia - front and rear cameras are working well, and apparently the media player is awesome

It's a good start to a pre-release review. Let's see if they add more. In the meantime, for all the latest info on the BlackBerry PlayBook, click here.

Source: Mobility Insider