Native Apps Preview: A quick video look at using the BlackBerry PlayBook's Web Browser on the BlackBerry Tablet OS

In addition to our BlackBerry PlayBook vs. iPad 2 Web Browser Shootout, one of the videos I whipped up for our BlackBerry PlayBook Review was a more basic walkthrough of the PlayBook's web browser. In this video I go through the general usage of the web browser on the PlayBook as well as the settings options.

From a gesture standpoint, everything is pretty much what you'd expect. On the display, pinch to zoom, dragging and tapping all work, and tapping and holding will pull up a popup menu with more options (opening links in a new tab, saving images, etc.). As for the options gesture (swiping down from the top bezel onto the display), that will pull down the browser's main status header, which will allow you to quickly jump between open tabs, start a new tab, view your downloads, and get to browser options, where you change settings including the default search engine and font size, disable/enable flash support and clear your history and cache. There's also a handy icon on top right corner of the browser that allows you to toggle the status bar in and out, helping to maximize the real estate on the 7" display. 

Overall the BlackBerry PlayBook's web browser is proving to be incredibly powerful and supports the full version of pretty much all websites, including Hulu, as Adam demonstrated in his BlackBerry PlayBook Web Browser supports Hulu video. Also great to see now is that the PlayBook is running Flash version 10.2, which is higher than the 10.1 version originally announced back at DevCon. 

Oh, and for those of you who keep bugging us wanting to know how it supports all of the major adult content websites out there... let's just say that if RIM doesn't find themselves selling enough PlayBooks using the First Professional Grade Tablet tag line, they could always switch it up to Pornfessional Grade Tablet and sales will skyrocket. Lol. [Thanks to eydts for the new tagline!] Enjoy the video!

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