One year ago today, on September 27, 2010, Research In Motion's Founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis got on stage at BlackBerry DevCon and announced the BlackBerry PlayBook. Sitting in the audience live-blogging the event, I remember it as if it happened yesterday. It was emotional. When the PlayBook intro played, I literally had goosebumps (even today when I re-watch the video I get teared up). We knew a BlackBerry tablet was rumored, but I don't think anybody was fully expecting it to get announced. And I for one was super stoked over the name PlayBook. The BlackBerry Tablet OS was our first glimpse of the future of BlackBerry, and the picture painted looked exceedingly bright. Following the promo video, Mike called QNX's Dan Dodge to the stage, who talked about the strength and power of the QNX Platform that powered the PlayBook. It almost felt like he was a tech superhero (Super Dan?!) flying in to save the BlackBerry day. Watching him on stage, you couldn't help but like Dan Dodge - you could just tell he's smart, passionate and loves QNX. Totally a guy who can still pump out code with the best of them.

One year later, it's a little sad to watch the live announcement again. Saying it's been a year of PlayBook broken promises and shattered dreams would be a bit harsh (I'm sure many will argue those words are still too nice), but we've definitely had our share of disappointment these past 12 months. We're still without native email and native PIM apps, and there's still a lack of awesome third party apps (and no Android App Player yet). But we do have hope. With a big bang version 2 software release for the PlayBook on the horizon, it feels like most of our nagging wants will finally be addressed. I'm really looking forward to re-reviewing the PlayBook once that OS update hits!

Looking back and ahead: A year is a long time in the rapidly changing mobile space. If you're a PlayBook owner, how would you rate your ownership experience to date? And if you're not a PlayBook owner, do you think between PlayBook price cuts and an updated OS you might become one? Sound off in the comments! 

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