Following up our other BlackBerry PlayBook videos from CTIA 2011 where we look at the Calculator app, Weather app, Clock app and Facebook on the BlackBerry PlayBook, I did one last quick video comparing the BlackBerry PlayBook to frenemy #1, Apple's iPad 2. In our initial BlackBerry PlayBook Review from CES we did a quick comparison to the original iPad, but with the iPad 2 now on the market I figured we'd better get a little update done.

Check out the video above to see me put the BlackBerry PlayBook side by side with the Apple iPad 2, comparing the dimensions (length, width, height), screen size and overall look and feel of the device. The full comparision will obviously come when I get my own real BlackBerry PlayBook to review (you can check out the full specs comparison between both devices here) but based on this type of hands-on comparison I think the winner is really a matter of preference. The smaller 7" BlackBerry PlayBook is definitely more portable, while the extra screen real estate on the iPad 2 is nice to have for certain tablet activities (ie. browsing the web). In the hand, th iPad 2 feels a bit delicate in comparison to the BlackBerry PlayBook, which thanks to it's slightly thicker and more square-ish design feels like it can take a real beating. That's one of the things I'm starting to really love about the BlackBerry PlayBook...  while it may be called PlayBook, it feels like it's a real WorkHorse, which is something I appreciate. It's a tool to get things done!

What do you think? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on this one!

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