Unboxing of the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet!

Following up on Kevin's BlackBerry PlayBook Review, we have an unboxing of a BlackBerry PlayBook with retail packaging. This is the 16GB version, and aside from the markings on the box itself, it's safe to assume all versions will sport the same package design. Inside the box is obviously the PlayBook itself tucked in a neoprene sleeve (which I'm sure will get plenty of use). Included is a microUSB cable for connecting to a PC as well as the travel charger. Mixed in are a few booklets with warranty and safety info. Unfortunately no included microHDMI cable, but you can snag one at ShopCrackBerry.com. One thing to note is the power button on this unit does seem to be raised a bit (unlike Kevin's review unit) so no problems powering on or off from what I can tell - definitely a good thing. Now get to watching!