BlackBerry PlayBook

Just in case you don't actually get Future Shop and Best Buy newsletters in your email, you may not know that the BlackBerry PlayBook has been prominently displayed by both retailers for the past few weeks now leading up to the release of PlayBook OS 2.0 and even after. The placement, within those newsletters appears to of have paid off for RIM as confirmed by the BlackBerry Twitter account:

News! Best Buy (@BBYCanadaDeals) informed us that #BlackBerry #PlayBook was their TOP selling tablet last week!

Yay! #BlackBerry #PlayBook was the #1 selling tablet at Future Shop (@FS_Deals) this week!

With PlayBook OS 2.0 now out there for the masses, there is a lot of folks realizing the BlackBerry PlayBook does have a lot to offer and you don't specifically need to be a BlackBerry user to own one, something that many PlayBook critics harshed on when the PlayBook was launched.