BlackBerry PlayBook 101: Check out this guide for help on how to update the software on your BlackBerry PlayBook.

When you first fire up your BlackBerry PlayBook you'll be required to do a software update. It doesn't take too long but it gets you the latest software so you're up to date. Updating the software is easy and only requires a few steps, but check out this quick 101 to make sure you're on the ball. Watch the video above for the full details, or keep reading for the quick version. We'll also check out the few options you'll find in the software update screen in your options.

BlackBerry PlayBook Software Update

Step 1 - Download

BlackBerry PlayBook Software Update

Firstly the software will download to your device. The update may be over 200mb so sit tight and just wait it out.

Step 2 - Install

BlackBerry PlayBook Software Update

When the software is finished downloading it will be installed on your device. Make sure you do not power off the device during this process.

Step 3 - Restart

BlackBerry PlayBook Software Update

After the installation is complete you will need to restart the device.

Step 4 - Finish

BlackBerry PlayBook Software Update

AFter the device reboots you will see the confirmation screen that you have successfully updated the device.

Settings - Software Update

After the initial update, you'll be able to check for new software from the Software Updates screen. You can also find out information about your current software, update versions and more.

BlackBerry PlayBook Software Update

The Software Updates screen (under Settings) allows users to check for, download and install software updates for the device.

BlackBerry PlayBook Software Update

If an update is available you will be able to view the following:

  • Software version available
  • Size of the software update
  • If the update requires a reboot
  • A description of the update

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