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BlackBerry skin
It's always fun to see what creative ways CrackBerry readers come up with for customizing their devices and accessories to fit their needs. We've seen several custom car mounts and installations and custom snake skin cases, and now we've got a CrackBerry member who has crafted his own BlackBerry PlayBook skin.

After creating a template, backsidetailslide cut some 3M brand vinyl including the BlackBerry logo on the back of the PlayBook. Since this is the same material used on car decals, it's durable yet won't leave any residue if/when it's removed. It fits like a second skin (as it should) and doesn't interfere if the tablet is placed into a charging dock. It really looks nice and is a fun way to spice up the look of the PlayBook. If you'd like to see more pictures or join in the conversation, feel free to stop off in the forums at the link below. And as always, you can check out the skins at ShopCrackBerry as well. 

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