Incoming Call BlackBerry PlayBook 

I love having a brand new device on hand with an OS we haven't played around with before. All these new things keep popping up and make me say "wow ... that's pretty sweet". Forums member cooleddie found something new that totally wowed me today. When your BlackBerry smartphone is bridged to the PlayBook, incoming calls show on the PlayBook screen in a caller-id sort of way. The screen dims and a box pops up with the incoming number as well as a Ringer Off button. Want to kill the ringer on your phone? Tap the button and it's muted. This is a totally cool and gets our hopes up for more phone related features down the line. Surely you should be able to actually answer the calls on the PlayBook and use it as an extension of your smartphone. Once you answer the call on your phone the popup automatically goes away. For now it's still a pretty cool feature, but let's see what else RIM has in store down the road. If you find any new stuff like this on your own be sure to send it into the ol' CrackBerry tip line at tips(at)